Link a value ecosystem: BluePoint Financial Group

Article by Peter Kim
In the past few decades, technological innovation has become the foundation of the transformation and upgrading of the financial services industry. Previously, relying on the application and popularization of technologies such as the Internet, mobile communications, and smart phones. In the aspect of market size, number of users, and technical iteration, the network finance and financial technology industries are also
The pace of generation is changing the internet.

BluePoint Financial Group was established in 2010. The group was mainly established at the beginning of its operation. Financial services, such as options, foreign exchange, futures and other financial services, have developed over the past two years or so. The Group gradually differentiated into a diversified group of smart financial services and multi-industry, industry investment and financing, 2012 set. The group initiated the establishment of the technical community organization BPTC, which is intended to be the backing of the supporting business system. Special in 2013 the establishment of the cloud blockchain special interest group, mainly to build a consensus ecology.

Today, the Group has involved a number of technical application services in the technical field, such as: artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, Internet of Things, operational settlement systems, etc. Group development faced with the deep development of large industrial systems and social resources, relationships, etc., has become a consensus state sharing, multi-value linked companies.
The Group's development goals and dedication through the distribution of intelligence, link value, joint certification and consensus ecology, adhere to corporate social responsibility and strive to create an ecosystem of finance, industry and value on a global scale to become the industry's leading investment and financing group.

Many members of BPTC are from the American Computer Society, the ACM SIG (American Computer Association) Special Interest Group), many members of the community have published professional articles and obtained a number of articles on ACM BOOK.

BPTC has also established a number of special interest groups, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence teams, password security. Learning, data management, operating system and other groups. BPTC established a special interest in cloud blockchain in August 2013, the group aims to develop professional application system software in the field of blockchain.

According to the information, the BPTC Alliance is a researcher at the American Computer Society (ACM), ACM Turing District Blockchain winner Silvio Micali served as chief technical advisor and Silvio Micali laid the foundation for modern theoretical cryptography. The foundation, starting from the heuristic field, hopes to accurately match the energy through careful definition and security models. Mathematical science is established by force norms and the rigorous reduction of formally defined computational problems. He is for encryption and numbers. The basic primitive of the signature establishes the current standard security definition and provides an indication of the security objectives an example implementation.

It can be seen that BluePoint Financial Group is a deep-growing technology and a diversified layout.
Financing group, can be summarized as distributed intelligence • link value • joint certificate • consensus ecology; BluePoint The founder of the Financial Group's eco-finance group.
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