Say hello to Amanda

Article by Toni De Groof
For years I was making paintings in my head, but I was never satisfied. Until I met Amanda and she became my [virtual, universal] model. Read her stories, look at the paintings and you’ll understand me. is the result of this relationship: the first painted soap, where visitors get the chance to affect the course of the story.
This is what Amanda has to say :
" ... My name is Amanda and I'm 24 years old. I'm not a real model, I only live in the mind of The Painter. We're like a team. When he makes a painting of me, I put it on-line and give some comment. Or if I want to tell you something, I ask him to make a painting of it. Usually he does, sometimes he doesn't.
I'll tell you about my friends, my mother and my grandparents. I'll tell you about the time that I was a child, a teenager and a young woman. I'll tell you about the things I like and about the things I hate, about my happiness and my pain ..."
(Contributed by tonidegroof on Saturday, December 8th, 2012)
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