Drink till after twelve or more,
Live it up with madmen !
Earth is but my chamber floor
And th...
- Carl Michael Bellman
Iceland, fortunate isle! Our beautiful, bountiful mother!
Where are your fortune and fame, freedom ...
- Jonas Hallgrimsson
The invisible particles of the air
quiver and ignite around me;
the sky dissolves into rays of gol...
- Gustavo Adolfo Becquer
In these red labyrinths of London
I find that I have chosen
the strangest of all callings,
save t...
- Jorge Luis Borges
Let them talk, let them talk,
let the crows flap their wings,
for what my eyes have seen
must not...
- Emilio Prados
A bee
staggers out
of the peony....
- Matsuo Basho
 Art -  Literature - Franck Mortelmans - Portrait of Alain Germoz
Franck Mortelmans - Portrait of Alain Germoz
February 6th 2013
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Look at these old trees, more lovely these
Than younger trees, more friendly too by far:
More beau...
- Olavo Bilac
How heavy the days are.
There's not a fire that can warm me,
Not a sun to laugh with me,
- Hermann Hesse
That tree whose leaves are trembling
is yearning for something.

That tree so lovely to look at...
- Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
The older you get the stronger the wind gets - and it's always in your face....
- Pablo Picasso
I love the mournful shadow, the dozing light: light which dreams of the night. I love the shadow, tw...
- Antun Gustav Matos
So you rode from the range where your brothers “select,”

Through the ghostly grey bush in th...
- Henry Lawson
 Art -  Literature - Childe Hassam - A reading woman
Childe Hassam - A reading woman
October 28th 2012
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The moon, alone,
Taunts me from the heavens
With memories of you;
Should you feel the same, then
- Saigyo Hoshi
I walk so often, late, along the streets,
Lower my gaze, and hurry, full of dread,
Suddenly, silen...
- Hermann Hesse
Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet....
- Paul Klee
Who says that all must vanish?
Who knows, perhaps the flight
of the bird you wound remains,
and p...
- Rainer Maria Rilke