The older you get the stronger the wind gets - and it's always in your face....
- Pablo Picasso
Who says that all must vanish?
Who knows, perhaps the flight
of the bird you wound remains,
and p...
- Rainer Maria Rilke
So you rode from the range where your brothers “select,”

Through the ghostly grey bush in th...
- Henry Lawson
What else could we do, for the doors were guarded,
What else could we do, for they had imprisoned u...
- Paul Eluard
I walk so often, late, along the streets,
Lower my gaze, and hurry, full of dread,
Suddenly, silen...
- Hermann Hesse
I would liken you
To a night without stars
Were it not for your eyes.
I would liken you
To a sle...
- Langston Hughes
of Mount Kugami—
in the mountain's shade
a hut beneath the trees—
how many years
- Ryokan Taigu
A box with paints from childhood's time:
The colors of town are earth and grime.
An old worker a...
- Julian Tuwim
Iceland, fortunate isle! Our beautiful, bountiful mother!
Where are your fortune and fame, freedom ...
- Jonas Hallgrimsson
A bee
staggers out
of the peony....
- Matsuo Basho
In the green morning
I wanted to be a heart.
A heart.

And in the ripe evening
I wanted to be...
- Federico García Lorca
Culture, which makes talent shine, is not completely ours either, nor can we place it solely at our ...
- Jose Marti
From far abroad, from across the sea, from the glowing south, the messengers of spring, the beloved ...
- Rikard Katalinic Jeretov
In a few days
it shall belong to the past.
in order to forget
I'll give myself
to the warm glow
- Hendrik Marsman
Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower....
- Hans Christian Andersen
A suicide in front of a mirror.
A frightened soul.
The wind moans in the black woods.
The night'...
- Srecko Kosovel
When the hearts of mothers are scratched by moan
When the reason and spirit are captured by sorrow
- Akbar Aliev
'Tis an eerie thing o'er the moor to fare
When the eddies of peat-smoke justle,
When the wra...
- Annette von Droste-Hülshoff