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If I had an eagle's wings
I would rise and fly on them
To our shores, to our own parts,
To See St...
- Konstantin Miladinov
(An excerpt from the epic The Baptism at The Savica)

The warring clouds have vanished from the sk...
- France Preseren
Strumicki Carnival

March 8th, 2011
Strumica, Macedonia

The Strumica Carnival is an annual fes...
- Daniel
A patriot be - for knowledge, freedom,
The soul's too small a price to pay!
Mind you, not his soul...
- Hristo Botev
The vintage, friends, is over,
And here sweet wine makes, once again,
Sad eyes and hearts recove...
- France Preseren
Was it you, mother, with your tearful song,
was it you who cursed me three years' long
to be a luc...
- Hristo Botev
O my God, my righteous God.
Not you, in heaven apart,
but you, who are within me, God -
within my...
- Hristo Botev
What if we still carry shame on our forehead,
Marks of the whip, signs of bondage abhorrent;
What ...
- Ivan Vazov
I love the mournful shadow, the dozing light: light which dreams of the night. I love the shadow, tw...
- Antun Gustav Matos
From far abroad, from across the sea, from the glowing south, the messengers of spring, the beloved ...
- Rikard Katalinic Jeretov
A suicide in front of a mirror.
A frightened soul.
The wind moans in the black woods.
The night'...
- Srecko Kosovel
Put aside that song of love,
do not fill my heart with pain -
I'm young but I don't know of youth
- Hristo Botev
I my secret drawer I have a marvelous glass. A welcome-cup when I am merry, a chalice when I am mour...
- Antun Gustav Matos
You could think that darkness
is so scary strong,
powerful and dreadful,
and—you would...
- Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj
"What do you seek here among us?" the son of the desert asked me as we were watering our h...
- Vladimir Fran Mazuranic
Who is yet courageous and today will say: you will need to repent when you discover that you have de...
- Augustin Ujevic
They were surprised that I still know Croatian though now so many years absent from my native land. ...
- Vladimir Fran Mazuranic
Never whisper to the deaf, or wink at the blind....
- Slovenian Proverb
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