What was the need of you, little one,
My baby dear, my darling son,
To me - a girl, a foolish yo...
- France Preseren
Hurry, stranger, quickly come
to your father's home at last,
do a dance before his home,
join the...
- Hristo Botev
My life! Do not remind me that it is miserable, wretched, drowsy, entirely downtrodden and depressed...
- Augustin Ujevic
Balkan Balkan  - Paul Galdone - Space Cat - art
Paul Galdone - Space Cat
February 3rd 2013
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They became the wind's brothers; the hurricane is their sister. With wings spread now again and agai...
- Rikard Katalinic Jeretov
A foolish fox is caught by one leg, but a wise one by all four....
- Serbian Proverb quote
Balkan Balkan Video
Tvojte Oci Leno - Baklava
January 1st 1970
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A Slovene wreath your poet has entwined;
A record of my pain and of your praise,
Since from my h...
- France Preseren
Balkan Balkan  - Jan Matulka - Czech-American artist - art
Jan Matulka - Czech-American artist
January 13th 2013
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O, Vrba, happy village, my old home -
My father's cottage stands there to this day.
The lure of le...
- France Preseren
A tight and chiming string
that resounds to anything—
a single stroke or evil blow—
always ...
- Ivan Vazov
Above a madhouse is strolling
a moonstruck moon.
A Shadow-man is walking around a white garden
- Srecko Kosovel
Our feelings have made of us brothers
and our hidden thoughts have a same set,
I do not believe th...
- Hristo Botev
- Vladimir Fran Mazuranic
A good friend is worth more than a bad brother....
- Croatian Proverb
It's difficult to live, my brother,
among such thick-skulled blunderheads;
the fires of my youth a...
- Hristo Botev
Naples Sea, you're amazing at night
With the Zephyr's scarf unrolled,
When your blue, crystal wa...
- Ivan Vazov
I love you, the grey face in the grey
window of the coffee house - the face
with expectations.-
- Srecko Kosovel

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