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Staburadze tells of a wonder

These vows the Council brought now to its close-
Their home...
- Andrejs Pumpurs
The gods gather

In azure vaults of heaven soaring bright,
In lofty castles filled with e...
- Andrejs Pumpurs
Waves, where do you hurry
purling in a creek,
brinking toward the sun,
lisping against the flower...
- Juhan Liiv
It is very nice and lovely day
All – big and small have to go out.
Light and bright snow is fall...
- Aspazija
While young, oh brother, plant crops of grain
And do not neglect the soil! Then, when you feel
- Vincas Kudirka
the moon
as though marinated.

A family
on the fourth floor
playing the g...
- Aleksandrs Caks
Baltic Art - Baltic Literature - Marie Under
Marie Under
August 10th 2014
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The silence of snow oars on the streets,
And somewhere in sheds oars grieve.
You sit and speak so...
- Aleksandrs Caks
With lichen and mould overgrown all around
A time-honoured castle there looms!
Its true high-born ...
- Maironis
That is me – sometimes merry as a spring
Sometimes very sad.
Sometimes from my eyes runs spitefu...
- Aspazija
Silence is sometimes the answer....
- Estonian Proverb
Stump-littered hillocks, desolate and bare,
Can anyone believe you once were fair?
Where are your ...
- Antanas Baranauskas
„Dont`t push me so hard!”
said one wave to another.
„Why do you always push me?
Leave me al...
- Juhan Liiv
On a small and silver grey foal rides L
ittle Fairy-tale. People always think she
Looks like as a ...
- Aspazija
I have listened so many fairy-tales.
But I do not believe them.
I want to find one so nice
That I...
- Aspazija
One cannot make soup out of beauty....
- Estonian Proverb
Loudly and sadly, one stroke on another,
Sang the bell to the slumbering world...
Just like the to...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
Camomile, you mite of whiteness,
To refresh the road I've taken,
Rising from the dust, you stand t...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
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