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I did not have this face of today
So calm
So sad
So thin.

Nor these eyes so empty
Nor this bi...
- Cecilia Meireles
I took wild honey from the plants,
I took salt from the waters, I took light from the sky.
- Jorge de Lima
My sweet, here at the foot o fyour last bed
In which you're resting now from your long life,
I've ...
- Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
Well (thou´ll say) hearing stars! Certainly
Thou´ve lost your mind!" And I´ll say to thee, ...
- Olavo Bilac
The sweetness of poverty like this…
To lose everything your, even the egoism of being,
So poor t...
- Mario de Andrade
The firefly danced in the air impatiently:
"Oh how I wish that I could be that yellow,
That b...
- Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
Look at these old trees, more lovely these
Than younger trees, more friendly too by far:
More beau...
- Olavo Bilac
Rag doll with eyes of bead,
a dress of chintz,
hair of ribbons,
stuffed with wool.

Day and nig...
- Jorge de Lima
Inside the nighttime of the storm,
the mystery caravel goes there.
Time moves, and waters crest,
- Jorge de Lima
Stop everything that keeps me form sleep:
Those cranes in the night,
that violent wind,
The last ...
- Jorge de Lima
I sing because the moment exists
And my life is complete.
I am not gay, I am not sad:
I am a poet...
- Cecilia Meireles
Since the lords are already dead
and cannot fight any more,
their armored plates, with regret,
- Cecilia Meireles
Here is the tiny shepherd,
much smaller than his flock,
watching, timid and careful,
the sunset i...
- Cecilia Meireles
The best thing to do is to loosen my grip on my pen and let it go wandering about until it finds an ...
- Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
Silver dagger you were,
Silver dagger!
It was not you who made
Such a fool of my hand.

I saw y...
- Cecilia Meireles
Youth is spring!
The soul, full of flowers, shines,
Believes in good, loves life, dreams and waits...
- Olavo Bilac
The wind cuts everything in two.
Only a wish for neatness binds the world…

There is sun. There...
- Mario de Andrade
Naked, but for love modesty is unfit,
On my mouth I pressed hers.
And, in carnal trembling, she sa...
- Olavo Bilac


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