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Vladimir Fran Mazuranic
March 16th 2011
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My life! Do not remind me that it is miserable, wretched, drowsy, entirely downtrodden and depressed...
- Augustin Ujevic
They became the wind's brothers; the hurricane is their sister. With wings spread now again and agai...
- Rikard Katalinic Jeretov
- Vladimir Fran Mazuranic
A good friend is worth more than a bad brother....
- Croatian Proverb
Check before you bite if it is bread or a stone....
- Croatian Proverb
Better a bad harvest than a bad neighbor....
- Croatian Proverb
Don't measure a wolf's tail until he is dead....
- Croatian Proverb
Better be in debt than in shame....
- Croatian Proverb
Even a dog will not eat a leg without flesh....
- Croatian Proverb

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