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Maybe because you always have appeared
The image of that fatal rest to me,
O night! You come tow...
- Ugo Fuscolo
I live on this depraved and lonely cliff
like a sad bird abhorring a green tree
or splashing water...
- Vittoria Colonna
Now will you rest forever,
My tired heart. Dead is the last
That I thought eternal. De...
- Giacomo Leopardi
There is a gentle thought that often springs
to life in me, because it speaks of you.
Its reasonin...
- Dante Alighieri
Where its shade was, the oak itself now sprawls,
lifeless, no longer vying with the wind.
The peop...
- Giovanni Pascoli
I'll never step ashore and feel your beach
the way I felt it as a barefoot child,
or see you waver...
- Ugo Fuscolo
Love and the gentle heart are one thing,
just as the poet says in his verse,
each from the other o...
- Dante Alighieri
From the door of his house in the gentle sunshine
the old man, disillusioned with everything,
- Cesare Pavese
Gemlike the air, the sun so bright above
you look for blossoms on the apricot trees,
recall the bi...
- Giovanni Pascoli

ONE night, when half my life behind me lay,
I wandered from the straight lost path af...
- Dante Alighieri
These solitary hills have always been dear to me.
Seated here, this sweet hedge, which blocks the d...
- Giacomo Leopardi
The hill is like night against the clear sky.
Your head framed against it, barely moving,
and movi...
- Cesare Pavese
I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing...
- Leonardo Da Vinci
Italian Art - Italy Literature - Eugenio Montalo - Self portrait
Eugenio Montalo - Self portrait
September 19th 2012
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Silvia, do you remember
the moments, in your mortal life,
when beauty still shone
in your sidelon...
- Giacomo Leopardi
Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge....
- Leonardo Da Vinci
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication....
- Leonardo Da Vinci
While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die....
- Leonardo Da Vinci
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