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While young, oh brother, plant crops of grain
And do not neglect the soil! Then, when you feel
- Vincas Kudirka
With lichen and mould overgrown all around
A time-honoured castle there looms!
Its true high-born ...
- Maironis
Stump-littered hillocks, desolate and bare,
Can anyone believe you once were fair?
Where are your ...
- Antanas Baranauskas
Camomile, you mite of whiteness,
To refresh the road I've taken,
Rising from the dust, you stand t...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
Loudly and sadly, one stroke on another,
Sang the bell to the slumbering world...
Just like the to...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
The Nemunas flows in strong repose
And waters our native soil.
Birute's song in our brother's ton...
- Maironis
Lithuania, my homeland, land of heroes!
Let your sons draw strength from the past.
Let your chidre...
- Vincas Kudirka
The bright sun of springtide rose up and from high
It smiles melting hearts with delight.
The la...
- Maironis
Peaceful charm of summer nights,
Not a leaf in treetop stirs.
All is tranquil, all is quiet –
- Maironis
Chilly lake breezes rippled the waters
Of emerald green
And with no oarsman drove the boat forward...
- Maironis
The earth is sleeping. Yet the sky
With its bright silver eyes is gleaming.
The wings of slumber ...
- Maironis
Little daisy, white as snow,
To delight me as I tread,
From the roadside dust you grow,
Lifting u...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
I have been roaming on for days and days.
Ensnared in days, I wander on and on,
Whole days along m...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
Greet the tender grassblades by your path, and listen
While the clay-sprung grass that's fine as ha...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
There is a land where rivers flow
Through humming forests merrily
And babble gaily as they go
- Pranas Vaicaitis
Every tomcat has his she-cat,
Every gander has his she-goose,
Every gentleman his lady,
Every hir...
- Pranas Vaicaitis
If a tempest arises and causes to fall
One of the pillars supporting your wall,
The house will not...
- Vincas Kudirka
The day's wild ocean sings and thunders,
And beats against the fatal shore,
This breaker with dumb...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
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