O nightingale, delightful bird,
Beneath my window do not sing,
But fly off to my mother's home
- Pranas Vaicaitis
The day's wild ocean sings and thunders,
And beats against the fatal shore,
This breaker with dumb...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
A tumbledown old house I know –
Beside its doorstep burdocks grow;
Its narrow windows seem to wi...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
Not he is a great man before whom the millions
In manacled meekness, in fetters bow down
Yet inwar...
- Vincas Kudirka
Ocean and droplet, like corn – ear and flower,
Breathe in fulfillment of one same behest:
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
When pain assails your heart to tear it,
Your naked heart, its helpless prey,
Receive the gift of ...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis
Let the headsman's black axe sever
The thread of life the Highest spun;
Immortal thought it will n...
- Jurgis Baltrusaitis

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