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February 24th 2012
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Slow in the dawn, a young man, hollow-eyed
from lengthy thought and unrewarding vigils,
is lost in...
- Jorge Luis Borges
I WHO am dead a thousand years,
And wrote this sweet archaic song,
Send you my words for messeng...
- James Elroy Flecker
"He sang the brightness of mornings and green rivers,
He sang of smoking water in the rose-col...
- Czeslaw Milosz
“In the beginning there was…? Things moved freely,
so to speak, neither in a curve
nor in a st...
- Paul Klee
In these red labyrinths of London
I find that I have chosen
the strangest of all callings,
save t...
- Jorge Luis Borges
Ye in the age gone by,
Who ruled the world—a world how lovely then!—
And guided still the step...
- Friedrich Schiller
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James Elroy Flecker "To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence" Poem animation
James Elroy Flecker "To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence" Poem animation
January 1st 1970
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Lo, here the gentle lark, weary of rest,
From his moist cabinet mounts up on high,
And wakes the m...
- William Shakespeare
MERRILY rose the bridal strain,
With the pipe of reed and the wild harp ringing,
With the Libyan f...
- Euripides
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