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Both are convinced
that a sudden surge of emotion bound them together.
Beautiful is such a certain...
- Wislawa Szymborska
While I don't see you, I don't shed a tear
I never lose my senses when you're near,
But, with ou...
- Adam Mickiewicz
Doughty Budrys the old, Lithuanian bold,
He has summoned his lusty sons three.
"Your chargers...
- Adam Mickiewicz
"He sang the brightness of mornings and green rivers,
He sang of smoking water in the rose-col...
- Czeslaw Milosz
As when, silently, to surprise,
You throw violets in his eyes...


As when you rock an acac...
- Cyprian Norwid
A box with paints from childhood's time:
The colors of town are earth and grime.
An old worker a...
- Julian Tuwim
A shepherd shearing sheep one day
Declaimed most zealously
Upon the care was ta’en of sh...
- Ignacy Krasicki
When the Shaman had calmed the weeping of Anhelli,
he left the fishermen and set out into the wilde...
- Juliusz Slowacki
Yesterday I went to a place
Where people die of hunger;
Inspecting tomb-like rooms
I slipped on...
- Cyprian Norwid
Often a song sings in my soul, sad and forlorn,
For two people, who so yearned to be lovers sworn.
- Boleslaw Lesmian
The flag on the pavilion barely stirs,
The water quivers gently in the sun
Like some young promise...
- Adam Mickiewicz
In spring's own country, where the gardens blow,
You faded, tender rose! For hours now past,
Like ...
- Adam Mickiewicz
A big locomotive has pulled into town,
Heavy, humungus, with sweat rolling down,
A plump jumbo oli...
- Julian Tuwim
When plastered billboards scream with slogans
'fight for your country, go to battle'
When media'...
- Julian Tuwim
My husband is idle, is dumb and spends money.
He either stands still at the window or runs about t...
- Julian Tuwim
…God sees all ­
"How can
God's eye endure ugliness all round ?"
If you wish to know,...
- Cyprian Norwid
Those paths I brushed
With the feet of a child - where have they gone ?
They roll down as tears ...
- Boleslaw Lesmian
How few people there are and even fewer
Longing to reveal themselves!… They pass, they pass
- Cyprian Norwid
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