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Juliusz Slowacki
April 8th 2011
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Those paths I brushed
With the feet of a child - where have they gone ?
They roll down as tears ...
- Boleslaw Lesmian
How few people there are and even fewer
Longing to reveal themselves!… They pass, they pass
- Cyprian Norwid
The Shaman, when he had searched in the hearts of that multitude of exiles,
said to himself: "...
- Juliusz Slowacki
Hooray, the echo will resound throughout the wide square,
When a sincere drunkard's song emanates f...
- Julian Tuwim
The lip is the lip's friend, the hand the hand's
Lying next each other each one understands
To w...
- Boleslaw Lesmian
The past , death and pain are not acts of God,
But of law-breaking man,
Who therefore lives in dre...
- Cyprian Norwid
Within their silent perfect glass
The mirror waters, vast and clear,
Reflect the silhouette of r...
- Adam Mickiewicz
He reached the graveyard, - grass, death, oblivion,-
He who had noticed how the world goes on.
- Boleslaw Lesmian
The faithful villagers have scattered from the Mosque;
The echo of a muezzin's voice melts in the c...
- Adam Mickiewicz
When my sweetheart, in happy mood,
Sings, trills and chirrups like a bird,
I savour each sweet mom...
- Adam Mickiewicz
Surging like a vast current of salmon or sheatfish,
Coiling up and down like an iron serpent
- Juliusz Slowacki
I'd like to have a hut in the wild forest density,
Made of firewood and a forest's scarcity.
- Boleslaw Lesmian
When I wandered in Hell of which I do not sing
Because curses have first glued my lips
Like ugly ...
- Cyprian Norwid
Grass, grass up to my knees!
Grow up to the sky
So that there won't seem to be
Any you or I
- Julian Tuwim
Those who say my country means
Meadows, flowers and fields of wheat,
Hamlets and trenches, must ...
- Cyprian Norwid
Narcissus, reflecting a satisfied face,
Cried, "Let everyone note :
As I am supreme, so i...
- Cyprian Norwid
They call me a cold one,
And I hide away from them my anxious feelings,
But behind my indifferent...
- Adam Mickiewicz

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