Marches of the Future

Poem by Edith Södergran
Tear down all triumphal arches─
the arches are too low.
Make room for our fantastic marches!
The future is heavy─build the bridges
for eternity.
Giants, carry rocks from the ends of the world!
Demons, pour oil under the cauldrons!
Monster, gauge the measures with your tail!
Rise up in the heavens, heroic figures,
fateful hands─begin your work.
Break loose a piece from heaven. Blazing.
We shall grapple and fight.
We shall struggle for the future's manna.
Rise up, heralds,
even now strangely visible from afar,
the day demands your drumbeat.

Translated from the Finland-Swedish by Stina Katchadourian
(Contributed by Maria on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012)
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