Milky Way - Sonnet XIII

Poem by Olavo Bilac
Well (thou´ll say) hearing stars! Certainly
Thou´ve lost your mind!" And I´ll say to thee, however
That, to hear them, many times I wake
And open the windows, palid in awe...
And we talk all night long, while
The milky way, as an open canopy,
Shines. And, at the coming of the sun, missing and crying,
I still look for them in the desert sky.
Thou´ll now say: "Crazed friend!
What do thou talk to them? What sense
Has what they say, when they are with thee?"
And I´ll say to thou: "Love to understand them!
Because only he who loves may have ears
Capable of hearing and understanding stars.
(Contributed by Rozita on Friday, February 18th, 2011)
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