News Has Come

Poem by Maironis
"News has just come in from Prussia:
Saddle up your horse!
Knights are heading for our country
With a mighty force.
Don't you worry, little sister! Please be of good cheer:
I'll return live, hale and hearty to my homeland dear.

"Great are the Crusaders' riches:
Spires of beaten gold
Grace the towers of their cities,
Silks their coffers hold.
I'll bring back a Prussian sword. A silken scarf I'll bring.
Sister dear, you'll have the scarf, a golden belt and ring."

"Spring has come again already.
Hear the lark in flight!
But there's no news of the fellow
Who went off to fight.
When the sun set, battle raged. A lot of blood was shed.
There my love fought for his country, there my love fell dead.

"All my friends are singing blithely,
Dressed in silks that gleam.
As for me, I'm always crying
And of graves I dream.
Dear love, no endearments shall I hear you whispering.
On my slender finger you shall set no golden ring!"

Translated by Peter Tempest
(Contributed by daniel on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011)
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