O, Vrba, Happy Village, My Old Home

O, Vrba, happy village, my old home -
My father's cottage stands there to this day.
The lure of learning beckoned me away.
Its serpent wiles enticing me to roam,

Else had I never known that heart's joy,
Sweet promise, could become a poisoned draught,
Not known myself of self-belief bereft,
Tossed in internal tempests like a toy.

A dowry riches never could surpass,
A faithful heart, a hand that's made for work,
Would have come with a chosen country lass

Serenely onward would have sailed my bark,
My house from fire, my corn from hailstorm loss
Safeguarded by my neighbour near, Sain Mark.
(Contributed by Jery on Thursday, March 17th, 2011)
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