Old Trees

Poem by Olavo Bilac
Look at these old trees, more lovely these
Than younger trees, more friendly too by far:
More beautiful the older that they are,
Victorious over age and stormy seas ...

The beasts, the insects, man, under the tree
Have lived, and been from toil and hunger free;
And in its higher branches safe and sound
Incessant songs of birds and love are found.

Our youth now lost, my friend, let's not bemoan!
Let's laugh as we grow old! let us grow old
As do the trees, so nobly, strong and bold:

Enjoy the glorious kindness we have sown,
And succor in our branches those who seek,
The shade and comfort offered to the weak!

Translated by Frederic G. William
(Contributed by Rozita on Friday, February 18th, 2011)
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