Poem 1

Poem by Paul Klee
“In the beginning there was…? Things moved freely,
so to speak, neither in a curve
nor in a straight line. Think of them
as moving elementally, they go
wherever they go, in order to go
destination-less intent-less disobedient
with movement the only certainty,
a “state” of elemental motion.
It is at first only a principle: to move,
not a movement principle,
no particular intent,
nothing special, nothing organised.
Chaos and anarchy, murky seething
Intangible, nothing heavy nothing
light (heavy-light) nothing white
nothing black nothing white (only greyish) nothing red nothing yellow nothing blue (only greyish) not even directly grey, nothing at all
distinct only indeterminate, vague.
No here, no there, only an everywhere
No distant near
No today, yesterday tomorrow only a tomorrow yesterday
No doing only being
No marked rest no marked movement
only “shadow formation”
only a something: motion as a prerequisite
to change from this elemental state.”
(Contributed by Maria on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012)
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