Rag Doll

Poem by Jorge de Lima
Rag doll with eyes of bead,
a dress of chintz,
hair of ribbons,
stuffed with wool.

Day and night, her opened eyes,
looking at the toy soldiers that can march,
at the jacks-in-the-box that can jump.
Rag doll that falls down:
she does not break, she costs a penny.
Rag doll of the unhappy girls
who lead the cripples, who pick up
cigarette butts, who beg at the corners, poor things!
Rag doll with an impassive face like those girls.
Dirty little doll, stuffed with wool.
The eyes of bead have fallen off. Blind
she rolls in the gutter. The garbage man takes her away,
covered with mud, naked,
Jus as our Lord had intended.

Translated by John Nist
(Contributed by Rozita on Friday, February 18th, 2011)
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