Summer Nights

Poem by Maironis
Peaceful charm of summer nights,
Not a leaf in treetop stirs.
All is tranquil, all is quiet –
Peace that only stars disturb.

All is sleaping, all is quiet,
Dreams of love the world enfold.
Full of yearning, dreams inspired
Lull the heart, the heart console.

Summer nights of peaceful charm,
Grieving hearts with rest you lure!
Grief galore the earth endures...
Only you breathe peace and calm.

Peace and calm! With magic force
You send Nature off to sleep.
Can't you soothe my wild desires?
What should I feel anguish for?

All the world I would embrace,
I would love Almighty God,
Lasting Beauty I would grasp!
What am I despairing of?

Translated by Peter Tempest
(Contributed by daniel on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011)
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