Tempest in a Tea Cup

Poem by amy leader
“Tempest in A Teacup” by Amy Leader
As the sharp Earl Gray tea
tickles my nose with Bergamot,
I am on the edge of relaxing.
A periwinkle and tangerine glow
seeps through the blinds.
Dusk, is a fine time of my day
to write.
Within the house there is
a rhythm of sounds.
The tap tick tap, of a keyboard
in another room,
high school homework is happening, tap tick tap tick…
Then, the air pressure drops,
causing a wiggle in the moment.
Peace is sucked down like the flush of a toilet.
A percolating sound of a frustrated
growl from downstairs.
Followed by exasperated stepdad Jupiter
thundering up the stairs…
…the tap tick tap stops.
A frustrated stepfather booms to the sloth indifferent teen,
There is a prickly pause
followed by another,
I wince,
louder comes a frenzied,
The boy shatters and shrieks,
The two become a churning sulfuric tempest,
chiding one-another with bombastic speech,

twisting on a path from the living room
past the bedroom.
I watch the vibrating liquid in my teacup when the door slams.
Into the room two cats rush by me,
to the safe spot under the bed.
Frightened by the boom of the boy’s bedroom door
and biting harsh words.
A stepfather hangs his head, shut out.
He mumbles almost in a whisper,
“I don’t get it.”
I close my eyes,
and wish for the past days.
When, the boy and the man,
tumbled through the house,
with jovial giggles, and tickles
and, doors stayed open.
(Contributed by fairytrixy on Sunday, September 14th, 2014)
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