The Existence of Life

Poem by Victor Johnson
The Existence of Life

We are arranged by the slightest moments in our existence.
Life is not gauged by the once in a lifetime experiences that very few ever know.
Who we are to become happens over laughter during a game of dominoes.
It happens during a conversation with an addict aunt as you drive her to her next high. We are transformed in the shadows….
At that moment when your father finally says he loves you.
Existing happens when you stumble across a song that sets the mood for your year.
It occurs when you meet the first person who breaks your heart.
Life begins when you realize you’ve learned something about yourself.
It is not found in the moment when you learn to tie your shoe but when you are an adult and you look back on the day you learned to tie your shoe.
Life is simply living….
That constant push toward not living.
Life is waking and sleeping but it is also the moments between the two.
Life is not what you make it.
Life is not an invention dreamed up by the plans of men.
Existing has always existed….life has always been alive.
Live your life because every moment is a once in a lifetime experience.
(Contributed by vj9poet on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013)
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