The Swallows

From far abroad, from across the sea, from the glowing south, the messengers of spring, the beloved swallows are returning. They are returning in flocks, in a multitude, to their native land to search for their old nests under the eaves, in the wood sheds, in the cottages, greeting their old country with cheer, their comfortable dwellings, whilst they bask in the air of their beloved native soil. When they were leaving for the world they were somehow leaving their homeland with joy expecting to find across the sea a vast for-tune and great blessings. But what? It must have been that they endured a hard winter and became disappointed and discouraged in their longings; for now they are cheerfully revolving in the skies under the spring sun ... The swallows return ... and down sullen men with suffering brow tread embark a large steamship shouting of joy. They are leaving their home, their native land, the dear and beloved ones, and they depart across the sea to seek their fortune. This they cannot find in their torn country because they are blind. Pray that they, too, will not return in disappointment like the swallows, and that in the meanwhile the foreign strangers do not take away their old nests!

Translated by Carolyn Owlett Hunter
(Contributed by Jery on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011)
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Also By Rikard Katalinic Jeretov


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