Trakai Castle

Poem by Maironis
With lichen and mould overgrown all around
A time-honoured castle there looms!
Its true high-born rulers now sleep below ground,
Yet Trakai outlasted their tombs.
While centuries run, its grim ruins grow older,
Deserted and lonely, they gradually moulder.

When over the castle the wind bursts to moan
The lake lying round climbs its walls:
A wave rides a wave, and a mouldering stone
Works loose and submissively falls.
The towers keep crumbling and day after day
So many a heart fill with gloom and dismay.

Old castle! Long centuries echoed your name!
Great men rose to glory with you!
You saw the Great Vytautas' power and fame,
His regiments on a review.
Where is now your might that was dazzling with glory?
Where is your antiquity lauded in story?

You walls, dark and ruinous, covered with grime,
Defenceless, unpeopled and dumb!
I tenderly fancy your most precious time
You've had in the centuries' run!
Invaluable time! Shall we see your revival?
Or shall you like youth just in dreams find survival?

Each time when through Trakai I happen to go
With pain my heart bitterly cries.
A sorrowful tear down my cheek starts to flow
And suddenly clouds my blue eyes.
In vain my poor heart tries to seek consolation,
All round I see darkness and bleak desolation.

Translated by Lionginas Pazusis
(Contributed by daniel on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011)
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