What are You Seeking? (To Doctor Zdravko)

"What do you seek here among us?" the son of the desert asked me as we were watering our horses.

"Liberty!" I replied, for liberty is sacred to the Bedouin.

And I also could have said to him "I look for a cane to lean upon, and a quiet tent in which to rest!"

I look for a source of water which would quench my thirst, and for a piece of bread which would satisfy the hunger of my soul!

I seek a cave in which I could hide, as did David, from my enemies, and a port to escape the storm.

I look for people who don' dishonour the name of mankind, and for a God in whom I could believe!

I seek a hill from which I could see the Promised Land, for a clod of earth that would cover my poor bones!

I seek, seek, and I seek in vain!"

Translated by Carolyn Owlett Hunter
(Contributed by Jery on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011)
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