What was I Thinking While Dying?

I was eight years old when they built the port in Novi. At that age most children know how to swim — I didn't know how yet.

While playing about the harbor I fell into the sea. I sank. The water buoyed me up. I saw the children above me on the wall. — I extended my hands, — tried to shout, — I couldn't! I was swallowing sea water, — I was sinking, — I was lost! In that instant I flew through my entire life. All the sins of my young life appeared again before me: I was stealing sugar, I was beating my brother, I was lying, I was climbing the fruit tree — My last thought was: "I was descending into Hell!" — and I lost consciousness. They got me out — and for what?

Translated by Carolyn Owlett Hunter
(Contributed by Jery on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011)
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